Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Humph! Day

Last night my son, Jonathan, received an award for the Most Valuable Swimmer on his Swim Team. The MVS. He's not the strongest swimmer. Not even close. But he has that certain something that, at times, seems like a stroke of luck for Joe and me. He's kind, thoughtful, and a team player.
So, where is the Humph! you ask? Well, that comes in because I missed the presentation. I was, at the time, standing on the pool deck fully clothed and drenched. I was accepting the gratitude of one of the moms of the two 4 year old boys I'd just rescued from drowning. I still cannot believe it happened; that I saved these little boys without any hesitation or thought. I saw them struggle, try to use each other for leverage to get to the air, go under and not come back up. Instinctively, I jumped in, grabbed them both and hoisted them up to the pool deck where my husband and a friend ran them over to their parents. Both boys were fine. They were breathing and crying but their tummies were no doubt full of water. I am just so glad that I was there and paying attention.
After the commotion, people were saying I needed a metal; I was a hero; I'd saved the night. Humph! I only did what anyone would have done. That, my friends, is not being heroic. It's being human.

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