Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey Murphy! I think I'm living your life...

Ever have one of the days when everything that can possibly go wrong does? Ever have one of those weeks? Well, welcome to my week! We're actually leaving for vacation on Friday (egads; that's tomorrow; I remember when I had all week ahead of me!) and I'm doing the rush to get IT all done. Found out over the weekend that my cousin and his family are coming to town next weekend and they need a place to crash for one night before their rental is available. Obviously, I offered my house as it will be empty. Just makes sense. So on top of all the packing, planning, regular activities, doctor's visits, etc. I'm having to REALLY clean my house. Not just kinda clean it but REALLY clean it. I discovered it's been quite some time since I've REALLY cleaned my house.

But on top of everything else, this guy Murphy has dumped his luck on me. Monday I was at the doctor with Jonathan who'd had a sore throat for 4 days. He got a fever Sunday night so I was concerned he may have strep. No strep, just an infection. Viral, of course. No meds. I had to call his Swim Team Coach and beg out of the City Meet individuals. I did promise, however, that no matter what he would be at the Relay event on Tuesday. Thankfully he was feeling better on Tuesday. I really didn't want to send him to swim with a fever. Tuesday it was another doctor's appointment for Jonathan. The dermatologist. Then, straight to guitar lessons. Wednesday was spent in the house doing sooooo much cleaning/organizing. Oh, and a trip to the vet for the Weimaraner who's had diarrhea for 4 days. Joe did that one for me. I've learned to accept my limits and ask for help. Today (Thursday), Millie has a dentist appointment at 2:00. She's having work done and will be out of it before, during and after the appointment thanks to Valium. I'm hoping I can get the bathrooms cleaned and sheets washed while she's recuperating. Friday, will be full of last minute packing, cleaning and stress. Last time we went on a trip, I forgot to put the dog in the car. Thankfully I wasn't too far before I realized it and came back for him. Millie does have dance at 11:00 then I'll swing by Joe's office and we'll leave from there.

I've noticed everything on my To Do List isn't marked off. Not all of it will be. That's life, I guess. Just hope I remember to put everyone (and every dog) in the car. Oh and I have to make a return...I'm giving Murphy back his life.

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