Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Humph! Day

Let's make Wednesday, what's usually known as Hump Day, the new Humph! Day. A day to talk about those things that make us say a big "Humph!"

Like tonight when I was slaving over a hot stove, trying to keep the four year old out of the freezer, listening to the thirteen year old go on and on about a guitar he saw, and telling the eight year old for the thousandth time today to not run in the house when the phone rang. It was my DH who is in Monterrey this week. Poor guy. Sure, he's on business and he had to give a presentation in front of a room full of folks he didn't know but he also got to go on a great hike while all those folks played golf. Anyway, he'd called to tell me he was done with all the "work" of the trip and would be taking it easy tonight. He and some co-workers have reservations at some swanky restaurant. (Humph!...I'd better microwave the beef; it's not quite thawed out.) After dinner he will probably go out with some of them and retire to his room for some peace and quiet. (Humph!...I bet I get to watch re-runs of George Lopez with the boys tonight - again!) He goes on to say his fight doesn't leave until mid to late morning tomorrow and arrives in Charleston around 10:30 tomorrow night. (Humph!... let me drop everything, keep the thirteen year old up and run right out to get really, let me.) He says he knows it isn't easy for me to watch three kids and two dogs when he's out of town. (Humph!...we'll see how he does in August when I'm out of town for the first time in 5 years!)

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