Monday, February 11, 2008

When Fate Steps In

Yesterday, I ran to the grocery store to pick up one item. I was rather quick and returned to my car without missing a beat. I thought I was ready to return home but I was wrong. The guy next to me had other ideas, or just wasn't thinking at all. He was putting his groceries in his car when I got in mine. I turned it on, looked around, put it in reverse and looked again. Only this time, he was standing behind my car. "OK," I thought, he just needs to take his cart to the cart return (which was not far from my car), I'll wait for him to get back to his car before I go." If I thought he was inconveniencing me before, I was dead wrong. He actually began to take his time. He never made eye contact with me. But it gets weirder. When he gets right behind my car, he drops something. AND SQUATS DOWN TO PICK IT UP! Remember, my car is running and the reverse lights are on...and this is a grown man. Lucky for him, I was aware of what was going on and I was not going to hit him. But, if my kids had been with me and we'd been talking or the lady in Harris Teeter had given them a balloon and that had been blocking my view, things may have been very different, not to mention tragic.
I couldn't help but be disturbed by this. Was it his "La Ti Da" attitude at life? Was it his apparent trust of total strangers to put his wellbeing forefront of everything else in their lives? Whatever it was, we are both seriously lucky fate put me there on a day when I was alone and paying attention.

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