Friday, February 22, 2008

Torn Between Three Lovers

Feeling like a TV junkie! My lovers? American Idol, Survivor, and the Democratic Debate. Yes, last night was hard for me. Without TiVo, I had no recourse. I became a flipper. I'd watch a bit of the debate and turn it periodically to see if Idol was anywhere near dashing someone's dreams. I never did flip to Survivor. Guess that should tell me something. Somehow in my flipping frenzie, I was able to watch Garrett Hayes get the boot. You know, Sweet little Garrett, you know him when you see him? The Leif Garrett clone? Well, actually the bi-product of combination of Leif Garrett and Peter Frampton. I cannot say I was surprised by his not making it to the top but I was shocked that he was first to go. There are several guys I would have picked to go last night. And, even though, the second to leave, Colton was not my favorite, even he was not one I thought would depart last night. Personally, I'm picking Michael Johns to make it to the final two. I think he's awesome. He's got the look, the stage presence and boy he can sing. And, I'm picking Luke to get a deal with a soap opera. He is dreamy and I think I could enjoy watching him for an hour each day. So I'm hoping the deal is with As The World Turns or The Guiding Light. (Two of my guilty pleasures!) As for the ladies, I missed the first one to go. And I don't know the name of the second one. I guess neither had made that big of an impression on me so I'm not going to miss them too much. I do like the girl with YES in her name, the Asian girl and Asia'h (who isn't Asian) is talented too. But I think there are too many of the girls on there just to fill in the weeks. They may be able to sing but they don't have that star quality.
The parts of the Debate I was able to see/hear were not what I was expecting. I thought that after the week of listening to the Clinton camp slap the hand of Obama for plagiarizing a portion of his speech, which I believe showed her desperation, we'd get more nastiness in the debate. The plagiarizing claim was strange to me since they only accused him of stealing the words of his friend and not those of Dr. King (whose words were in there, by the way). Do these politicians actually write their own speeches anyway? I've always thought they had speech writers. So what's the big deal? And what a tacky Xerox comment! Shame on you Hillary. So I guess you can tell who I support. Let me just say I'm not part of the country who believes Hillary is evil. I just don't think this is her time. She is obviously impassioned to improve our country and as a woman I think her amount of passion can be misconstrued. Now, would she make a good Vice President? Hmmm, something to ponder. Perhaps that would be too powerful of an administration.
Well, at least next Thursday promises to be a little easier for me. There won't be a debate so it's just an hour of flipping between American Idol and Survivor. That's just two lovers. Guess I'll just be feeling like a fool.

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