Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Proud Mama

Yesterday was a day full of awards for my boys. Yesterday morning I was able to attend the 7th Grade Awards Ceremony at Jonathan's school. He'd tried to tell me I didn't need to go. Glad I went, though, since he received two awards. The first was for the President's Award. This is for kids who had all A's. The second award was for the top 4 students in his Pod. He was one of the 4 and the things his teacher said about him made me cry. He said Jonathan was a student who no matter what always seemed to do the right thing. Then, as I'm sitting there fighting back tears, he gets up to collect his award and the kids all go crazy hooping and hollering their congratulations and approval of his being selected. I'm not sure if it was his receiving the recognition from his teachers or the approval of his peers that touched me more. I was and am very proud.
Then, last night, Porter had an awards ceremony with his Scout troupe. He received his Wolf badge. This was really an accomplishment. You just don't know how hard it has been to get him to put on his uniform and go to his meetings. So hard! I know scouting is not something he will continue with so you better believe we took the whole family to see him get this badge!
So, two boys awarded for great things. And here sits one proud mama!

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