Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Steps to Babying Self

I have long wanted to take better care of myself. To re-begin my yoga practice. To eat healthier. To take the supplements my body (as a 40 year old woman) needs. In short, I want to be all that I can be. Part of my struggle has been time. It takes about an hour for a good yoga workout. Finding recipes and doing the shopping for healthier meals (that my family will still eat) requires a lot of work. And, as for supplements, I have no idea where to start. But this week, all that changed. Dr. Oz was on Oprah and he listed all the vitamins/supplements I need. You can find the list at Then, while reading my new issue of Real Simple, I happened upon a great new website, zenhabits. Check them out at It has everything I've wanted to put to work in my life, mind, body, and spirit all in one place. While exploring there, I discovered iGoogle which provided me with a zillion cooking sites. Now, each morning, I receive a page full of links to recipes. Some are even healthy. Finally, today marked the first Thursday of Millie's extended stay at school. She will be there until 2:00, Thursdays only. I used my new-found time to put in an old yoga tape and stretch, pose and breathe. It was divine!
It is just my first week of taking care of myself. It will surely take some reminders (and a trip to the drug store for the supplements) for me to keep it up but I have faith in myself. I believe improving myself will only make my family better. So it's baby steps, one foot at a time.

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