Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3

The theme  for today is I will survive...I hope!

Today, at the Princess' Cheerleading Camp, was Crazy Hair Day. After consulting my favorite hair blog, and coming up with nothing I felt I could do, the Princess settled on 100 pigtails all over her head. Totally her idea. Well, I got about 9 done across the front of her head, from ear to ear and gave up. There was no way I had time to do 100! I then took the rest of her hair and put it in one big high pony tail in the back of her head. Definitely crazy. Too crazy for the Princess. She had  me take the pony out and put the 9 piggies in the pony. So, instead of crazy, she was cute. Oh well!

Organizational Mission of the Day: Bless someone else with our out-grown toys. My aim is to get this stuff out of my garage. It's been there since May, when I unpacked it all from my classroom after my school closed. Hubby's been as patient as he possibly can be, which isn't very. It took one quick call to a teacher friend of mine and I unloaded 3 large plastic toys: a kitchen; a refrigerator; and, a laundry center. She also took the dress-up clothes that no longer fit my kids. Since I've just seen Toy Story 3, I can say I'm  very glad I did not bless her with any Barbies, Potato Heads, Slinky Dogs, Woodys, or Buzz Lightyears.

Two thumbs up!

Have you seen Toy Story 3? I ordered  my tickets from Fandango. Glad I did! The show sold out and we probably couldn't have gotten in otherwise. We watched the movie at Cinnebarre. It's just like it sounds. Typically an adult theatre, they serve a full menu and have a bar of mixed drinks, wine, and beer. They also serve sodas, water, and popcorn. The kids loved it! Obviously, they opened to a crowd of under 21 today so this was a special treat for Not-too-big-to-say-he-loves-me and the Princess.

What am I doing in the kitchen  today? Well, glad you asked. We have a swim meet tonight so no sit-down dinner. It will Bentos. Poolside. But, I am going to cook up some tomato sauce and freeze it. Everything is chopped and ready to cook.
 Loving all my fresh tomatoes from Ambrose Farms CSA!

Big plans tomorrow as we get ready for a fun-filled weekend of Fireworks, BBQ, and Fun!
See you then!

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