Sunday, June 27, 2010

8 days a week

Today at 5:30 AM, my husband and oldest son (Man-cub) left for California. A trip from east to west coast was Man-cub's Christmas present. Hubby makes this trip every year for business. Charleston, SC to Monterrey, CA. This year, since Man-cub is with him, they will venture into San Fransisco and then to Yosemite for some camping. I know they will have a great time and make memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately for me, they took our camera. So no photos of my stuff on the blog this week!
So, what to do with myself for the next 8 days...hummm...

(Cue Music)
Well, I woke up this mornin, and you were on my mind:

Pom Pom Flowers!
Kristin at Domsetifluff has a great tutorial on these. The Princess and I made 6 of them in various sizes. We plan to send some to our adopted soldier in a care package. I think they'll brighten her day!

I also tackled my coupon drawer. (Groan) You know that drawer that is jammed packed with coupons. It barely opens (if at all) so it's understandable if you forgot it was there. There were so many booklets of coupons in there. Most expired. I'm pretty sure I threw away enough money to fund Man-cub's first year in college. Considering that's only in 3 years, I'm really kicking myself. Money Saving Mom would shutter. So I need a system. Anyone have a good one? Please tell me about how you organize your coupons so that you actually use them.

After that, the Princess got to work making food for our weekly bentos. We hard boiled some eggs and made them star and heart shaped. We used these awesome egg molds that I got from I Love Obento!

I also cut some marbled cheddar cheese into cute flower shapes. I've put it all away in the fridge to pull out this week as I need them.

Later, I will make this yummy looking bread posted by Shannon at What's for lunch at our house. Yummmm...just take a look at it:

Blueberry Banana Bread!
With Man-cub out of town, this will be a hit. For some strange reason, he doesn't like bananas. Who's ever heard of such a thing?

Once all that is done, I believe it what's left of Day 1 will be filled with R and R. At least until it's time to start some dinner. I plan to make this Vegetable Fried Rice posted by Michelle at All home Cooking. All Year Long.:

See you tomorrow!


Shannon said...

The bread is awesome. ;o) I hate anything fake banana flavored, but real bananas are fine. We have maybe a slice left, at best.

Kit said...

Shannon, my kids loved it! I used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and I only had strawberry yogurt on hand. Delish!