Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2

Feeling invigorated by all I accomplished yesterday, I'm committed to seeing that the ball doesn't stop rolling. After waking quite early to take Crosby (yorkie puppy) out to potty, I enjoyed a slice of Banana Blueberry Bread and a cup of coffee while I evaluated  came up with my plan.

 Ahhh...nothing like a cup of coffee!

But first things first. I had to check out the creation Marisa came up with yesterday on New Dress A Day. I am in awe of Marisa. She has vowed to spend no more than $1 ($1!) on a piece of clothing from a thrift store each day for a year and magically turn it into something fabulous. I say magically but truly she is talented. I wish I could sew. I wish I knew how to thread the machine I have in my craft closet. Until then, I check Marisa's blog every morning. I'm obsessed!

After that, I read my email from Fly Lady. If you don't know Fly Lady, approach with caution! I receive a thousand (slight exaggeration) emails from her each day. Most I delete. I read the Flight Plan for the day and the Riley Challenge. The Flight Plan gives me a Morning Routine to start my day off along with a 15 minute chore that keeps my house from being over-the-top crazy, and alleviates the need for a NO VISITORS sign to be posted on my front door. The Riley Challenge is the same idea, but for the kids. Now, I have to confess, I'm a bit too laid back for Fly Lady. Remember, I said I read the emails. I didn't say I always follow them. Problem is, some times laid back can be confused with lazy. You can't be lazy when you're trying to keep the ball rolling! This morning, I spent 15 minutes in my living room, taking everything out that didn't belong. When I was done, I did the same thing in the playroom, which is really my kids' living room.

Now it's time to make that plan! This basically means I visit my tried and true list of blogs looking for anything that strikes my fancy. It should mean I grab that list of unfinished home projects Hubby and I have going and make dent on that. Maybe today, I will do both.

I went crazy in my husband's drawers! That's right. I finally gave in. I'd heard one too many times, "Have you seen my favorite t-shirt?" "Didn't I used to have another bathing suit?" Seriously? I had no idea how bad it was until I put away his laundry. There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to the four drawers he'd been given. They all contained the same stuff: t-shirts; shorts; running clothes; sweaters (it's almost July in Charleston, SC for crying out loud!); and, tons of clothes that no more fit him than the man on the moon. Oh how I wish I'd had my camera! His drawers now contain: Drawer 1 - running clothes; Drawer 2 - t-shirts; Drawer 3 - shorts; and, Drawer 4 - bathing suits. The sweaters have been packed away until needed. All the clothes that don't fit are stacked neatly for him to go through when he returns. I don't dare take them to Good Will for fear he has some crazy attachment to some or all of them. And, with my luck, someone like Marisa would buy them and turn them into something fabulous before he had the chance to buy them back. Regardless, I'm now breathing easy that everything is tucked away nicely, neatly, and sensibly.

Dinner tonight has already started cooking. Tonight, I'm fixing Mexican Pizza! Like last night's Vegetable Fried Rice, it's from All Home Cooking.  All Year Long.

Doesn't it look yummy?

I started my beans in the crock pot, like Michelle suggested. They should be ready around 6:00. Again, with Man-cub out of town, this should be a hit. That's right, he's not fond of beans. Bananas or beans. Not-too-big-to-say-he-loves-me and The Princess are loving our meals this week!

See you tomorrow!

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