Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old Crafty Hen Tuesday

A bottle of Old Crafty Hen
I must confess my reason for not posting many crafty endeavors lately. The reason is that I am in the throws of making my own crafting space. A room just for me. Well, kinda. Unless we have company or one of the kids needs to have some space of their own. Then, I have to share. For the most part, the room will be my craft studio. I like studio much better than room. Doesn't it sound more professional?

In my studio, I will create more ricepuddin' originals button rings and cards. That's when it's done. For now, I'm painting. I'm decorating. I'm organizing. While these are some of my favorite things, I'll be glad when I've completed these steps and can move on to creating.

I'd love to post a Before and After photo comparison. But, alas, I did not take the Before photo. And, since I'm still in the throws, there is not an After yet. Question is, do I dare post a Thus Far photo? Everything is moved to the center of the room and looks like a complete mess. Wonder if there's a way to angle my camera and get decent photos of the room...minus the mess.

Here's a mental picture: The room started out as 4 walls. Painted a soft green. It was the Princess' room before she moved into the larger room left empty when Man-cub and Not-to-big-to-say-he-loves-me moved into the bonus room. The color, although perfect for the Princess, was not so perfect for me. Too soothing. I needed something to ignite my creativity. I went with Turquoise. A color that always makes me smile. We had built-in cabinets constructed across the back wall of the room. There's a cut out for the twin bed that will be for those occasional guests. One side of the bed has a desk, the other has two very large drawers. All across the top are open shelves which I hope to neatly organize with my supplies. I chose to paint the built-in turquoise, as well, but two shades lighter than the walls. Everything else in the room will be black and white.

I cannot wait to complete this project. For no other reason than I'm tired of painting. Well, that and I want to tell the world I have a Studio.

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