Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Menu 3/28

Welcome to the week of the mysterious weather! I must admit, I did not check the weather forecast before planning my menu this week. Not that I ever do. But, if there was ever a week to check, it was this one! We've been experiencing spring-like, if not summer-like days for a few weeks now. So, in planning my menu, I included melons, salads, and all-round light fare. The week began and BAM! (Not in an Emeril way but in a bad way.) Those summer and spring time temps dropped faster than a raw egg from the hands of my "ever-helpful" 7 year old. The menu was planned, the groceries were purchased. What's a girl to do? Why, serve it up, of course!

Monday: chicken and fruit salad; whole grain baguette

Tuesday: eatin' out

Wednesday: Hawaiian calzone; salad; melon

Thursday: chickpea, spinach and squash gnocchi

Friday: salmon burgers; salad; pasta side



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