Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Menu 3/14

This was week two of online shopping with my Harris Teeter. Once again, Ronda did an exceptional job picking out all of my produce. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this service. It is a total time saver and I'm spending less! Now, on to the menu I've planned for this week...

Monday: Matzo-crusted Salmon; mashed potatoes; green beans
(This was really good although I'm not a fan of a lot of Dijon mustard taste. I will probably add less dijon next time and more yogurt. The rest of the family loved it the way it was.) 
Mashed potatoes were Betty Crocker's new Roasted Garlic. I was given two boxes to try out and I can say they really do taste as good as homemade, just like the box claims. Nutritionally speaking, they are slightly high in sodium and since there is no way to remove the sodium, they may not be for everyone. We enjoyed them and I would use them again when in a pinch for time.
Photo from Whole Foods Market

Tuesday: BBQ chicken quesadillas; spinach salad

Wednesday: Brats; cole slaw; fries

Thursday: Hawaiian Calzones; Salad (green, of course, for St. Patrick's Day!)

Friday: Hitting the road for Gerton, NC! No cooking tonight. Or Saturday!



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