Sunday, March 6, 2011

Escaping Chaos

After a few weeks of attempting to make sense of my family's newly acquired chaotic schedule, I've come to the realization that something's gotta change. OK, a lot's gotta change.

The Princess turned 7 at the end of January. We were just able to fit in a party for her last weekend! Not too Big to Say He Loves Me turned 11 two weeks ago. I have no idea when a celebration of that will happen. Add to that the fact that every weekly menu I have made recently has had to be reworked on a near daily basis. I've had to embrace eating out on a weekly basis. The reason for all this chaos: Track & Field, Lacrosse, Tutoring, Drum lessons, and Daisies. Oh, and a new position for the hubster which has him working 60 hour weeks and traveling a great deal more.

So, the changes I'm making (and hoping beyond hope that they make a difference) are...(drumroll, please)
  1. Ordering my groceries online. Placed my first order today. I'm really quite good at online shopping so it made perfect sense that I should be able to grocery shop online as well. I carefully went through the inventory of the store, put it in my "cart", included notes to the angel shopper (like nearly green bananas, large onion, etc), and processed the order. I had ZERO impulse purchases! ZERO. And, I've been told by other customers, you can bring your coupons and they'll be deducted from your next order. Awesome!
  2. Figuring my menu out a day earlier. I've always done that on Monday. Now, I'm doing it on the weekend. That way, if I have time to go ahead and prepare a meal and put it in the freezer, I can.
  3. Penciling in instead of penning in. I've always written everything in pen. Now, with a constant need to change plans, meals, and schedules, I've discovered the practical use of a pencil.
  4. Starting to plan all three meals of the day. I used to plan lunch but stopped. Mornings got rough. So, back the lunch planning comes. And, I'm adding breakfast to the plan. No more standing in front of the pantry or freezer with blank looks. This family's got a plan!
Yep. This family has a plan to escape Chaos and find our way back to the Family Value Meal.

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