Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old Crafty Hen Tuesday!

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What a relief! It was questionable but I was able to squeeze in a craft today! That  means, another round of Old Crafty Hen Tuesday!
Several weeks ago, I came across this kit for an Advent Calendar on Sugar Bee. It was a mere $6 so I ordered it. I thought, at the time, it came with everything I needed. Because, apparently, I was so excited with the cuteness of the finished product that I read right over that part. That, or, I just hadn't had enough coffee that morning. However, when it arrived (very soon after I ordered it), I discovered, it was paperless. There was no paper. I had to supply my own. No big deal. I love to peruse scrapbook stores and scrapbook aisles at the craft store. It just meant I couldn't get started as soon as I wanted. Again, no big deal. As long as I got it done before December 1st, I'd be happy.
Yep, I'm happy! It was super easy. You can follow her tutorial. I think it turned out great. And, it's November 30! Just in the Nick of time! ;)
What do ya think?

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