Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Crafty Hen Tuesday!

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Another round of my Crafty Tuesday...
I am so excited to finally be starting this craft! I found it waaaaay back in August and knew I had to make lots and lots of these. Of course I'd want one (or several) for myself but I couldn't stop thinking about what a great gift these would make!

Button Rings!

I found the tutorial at Rubies and Pearls and I must say, I love the one she made. That flower button is just the cutest! In my search for buttons, I think I found some really rad ones. Most were bought as sets of three that coordinate. I did buy one honking burgundy button all by itself. Didn't know what I'd put with it but I couldn't pass it up. All of my buttons came from Hancock Fabrics.

So, I started with these buttons...
Of course, you know me, I made a change or two to the tutorial. Instead of a glue gun, I used E6000 adhesive. I find it holds better; and, since some of these are going to be gifts, I didn't want them to fall apart while being worn. So, after my one little change, this is what I ended up with...
The first 5. All buttons.

The second 5. I got a little crazy and added some beads I had.

Now the big decision...which do I allow myself to keep and which will I give away???


Amie said...

I love those button rings! I just did a tutorial on how to make button bracelets and earrings....these would be a perfect companion!
Amie: http://kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com/2010/11/jewelry-making-101-part-4-button.html

Kit said...

I agree, Amie. Your bracelets and earrings would go perfectly with these rings. I had to order my ring blanks from Hong Kong. Let me know if you find a closer supplier.