Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Me? Electronic Guru?

You've got to be kidding! I promise I'm not a live-your-life-by-your-horoscope person. But I do check it daily just to see. I don't believe horoscopes are any more than bendable predictions. That is, you can twist the meanings to fit any situation. So, I read it more for fun than anything else. And, as evidence to my belief, is today's horoscope. "You have an increased ability to understand electronics." Well, if you only knew how funny this was!

Last night I stole my husband's unused, for over a year now, iPod Shuffle. His brother gave it to him last year for Christmas and it never came out of the box. So, with my 7 year old getting an MP3 this year from Santa, and my 12 year old saving his money for a nearly $300 iTouch, I thought, "Why not? I should have one, too." So I downloaded the software. It was outdated (imagine that) and once running, it prompted me to upgrade. I plugged the thing into the USB port to charge and that's when my problems started. The light that's supposed to be on at this point wouldn't stay on. So I got my husband involved. He touched this, reconnected that, jiggled here, and jiggled there. All to no resolve. So I jiggled, touched and reconnected. And, the light stayed on! Then, an hour later, he turned the computer off...three hours before my charge was to be complete! Argh!

So, this morning I thought I'd try it again. Guess what? The light won't stay on! I jiggled. I reconnected. And, I touched so much of my CPU I think I violated my marriage vows. So, as anyone who obviously "has an increased ability to understand electronics" would do, I visited the Apple site. Went through some question and answer hubaloo that was supposed to solve all of my problems. It didn't. I'm pretty sure my battery is OK since the light is green when I push the battery button. I think my problem is that, for whatever reason, connecting the iPod to the USB doesn't automatically start the iTunes download. So, long story short, I have no way to download songs. Well, at least I tried. Maybe this increased knowledge will kick in by the end of the day and all will be solved.

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