Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How do You get where you're going?

This year, many folks received the gift of a Tom-Tom or a Magellan. These are GPS devices, for those of you who don't know. It seems like not long ago one was cutting-edge if she used Google Maps to find out how to get from here to there. But, alas, that's old school now. You're no one if you don't listen to the sweet sounds of the GPS mistress directing you through your day. Personally, I don't have one. I don't want one. And I find the whole thing rather silly. I suppose if I was a traveling salesperson, I may find it helpful. I'm beginning to think that these devices are part of a movement by "Geekies" to dumb up America, thereby solidifying their role as needed for years to come, as they'll be the only ones capable of doing anything anymore. It won't be long before we cannot read maps or communicate with others to find our way. And the ramifications of this are huge. Especially on our humanity. I am a big believer that we are put in the paths of others for reasons. (Call it witnessing, if you like.) Maybe because we have knowledge that they need. Maybe it's because of a shared experience. Maybe it is support. Maybe they just need a smile. Whatever reason, we're messing with the natural flow of the universe here people. Something tells me Tom-Tom and Magellan cannot offer the same warm-fuzzy feeling I get when a stranger smiles at me. The calm I feel and the calm I like to think I give others when I smile at them, which I do at my every chance. I like to make eye contact with people and extend a smile. Now, I won't say I haven't jumped on the impersonal bandwagon at all. I am a big internet/computer user. I choose it over the phone on many occasions. Heck, I even order my pizza online. So, I am guilty. But, for now, and hopefully for a long time to come, you will see me with a paper map or walking out of Gus' Stop 'n Shop, smiling the whole way.

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