Monday, September 10, 2007

Catching My Breath!

Whew! School is back in session now for all three of my kids. Jonathan started 7th grade (one more year of middle school -yikes!); Porter is now a 2nd grader and Millie is in an awesome 3-day program at our church. All three have enjoyed returning to a schedule and they all like their teachers. But, before you assume I have time to sit back and relax into my new-found time alone, let me assure you, there is a reason it's been so long since my last's called the return of our scheduled, over-active calendar. Some would call it calendaritis, others may say I'm raising well-rounded children. You see, Jonathan is playing soccer (on a premier traveling team), playing cello, involved in student council and youth group at church. Porter is playing football ('s just his second season) and is starting scouts. Thankfully, Millie is sitting this year out with extra-curricular activities, she's only three after all. So, when you look at our family calendar, we have one weeknight at home together, Wednesday. Of course, this has meant my husband has had to give up his night of mountain biking and it will probably be forever until I have a night to join my girlfriends for a night out. Before we start to feel too resentful, I think we need to start entertaining more on the weekends (when we're not out of town with the soccer team!). Joe and I had already...before all this chaos...decided we were going to pick a day each month to go out either just the two of us or with friends. So, we need to institute that and keep it up.
Over-scheduled or well-rounded, this is my family's life. There will come a day, sooner than I can imagine I'm sure, when Joe and I are sitting at home with no soccer or football uniforms tumbling in the dryer, no cello music playing in the background, no scouting badges left to earn, and no carpools to run and we will be a little sad. We'll wonder where the time went. Sure, we'll no doubt be proud of who each of them became but we'll miss the boy who without fail notifies me of a meeting the day of and can't understand why my schedule cannot change, the sweaty-headed boy who can come up with a million excuses why he doesn't need a shower after practice, and the oh so talkative little girl who rarely allows me to get a thought in sideways. Until then, just think how special Wednesday nights will be! (Two more days!)

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