Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours!

Funny how misfortune (or the idea of it) has a snowball effect. We awoke Saturday morning to a very warm home. Our upstairs unit was blowing hot air. The downstairs unit wasn't working at all. After a quick inspection by my hubby and a hard reboot at our circuit breaker, the downstairs unit came back on but no such luck upstairs. So it was a call to our home warranty company and 3 very long and hot days and nights before a crew came out to take a gander. In the meantime, our ceiling in our downstairs hallway sprung a leak! Another call to the home warranty folks. Thankfully, the leak stopped and it only took the plumber a day to come out. While waiting for him, I noticed our 12 year old dog was limping. Of course it was 4:30 in the afternoon and they couldn't see us until the next morning. So Tuesday started off with a visit to the vet. Berkley has a sore neck and the pain is radiating through his shoulder and into his leg. He should be better in a week or so. Next was the plumber. What could have been catastrophic was only the absence on caulking around the faucet in the tub upstairs. Easy, easy fix! The word on the downstairs unit is that it needs to be replaced. But, it is covered under our home warranty. It may take 5 more days to get the unit. Luckily our next door neighbor had a window unit in her garage that she lent us. The kids are now sleeping in the frog (bonus room) with the window unit. Joe and I have moved from the kitchen to the living room. I think we all slept comfortably last night. So three unfortunate instances that could have been so very bad, were not after all. Praise the Lord!
Oh, one final misfortune...Joe got a flat tire this morning. While changing it, though, he received two offers from good samaritans to lend a hand. So, after 5 days of misfortune, it looks like we're only out the cost of a tire.

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