Friday, August 24, 2007

The New Role Models in Hollywood (Disappointment)

I am so disgusted by the all the news coverage of Lindsay, Paris, and Nicole. I could vomit! These out of control girls need a major time-out. Not the few hours of time served they've been wrist-slapped with but a real time-out. I read of Lindsay's sentence today...1 day in jail, a visit to a morgue, talks with victims of drunk drivers, oh and 36 months of probation. Probation?! Hasn't that happened before? The ankle bands, the alcohol monitors? And still subsequent offenses. Wake up legal's not working!!! I'm guessing the month in jail will be a nice rest for her. Not to mention worthy background for a book deal of movie deal one day. As for the morgue visit and talks with victims, these may have some lasting impression on her...unless she choses to drink the memories and the horror away. This girl needs a major intervention; a boot camp. And her parents? They need to visit skid row and death row to learn how kids without proper parental guidance end up. Then they need to open their eyes and see how close their little girl is to this same fate. Erase all the cover-ups and excuses her Hollywood people have placed on her lack of judgment. Hopefully, her mom and dad will see the part they played in her becoming who she is and beg for her forgiveness. This family needs therapy...BIG TIME. And the media? Could they glamorize it any more?! She's an actress for crying out loud. She longs to be on camera, in the magazines, and on the tips of people's tongues. Stop the coverage! Even negative attention is attention folks, and attention reinforces our actions.

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