Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Without A Camera

Life has taken many turns these past months. Joe has recovered entirely from his heart surgery. Thank God! All three children were promoted to their next grade. Summer got underway...and HOT! We've taken a few trips to the mountain cabin and completed a lot of work there. We had our dog, Berkley, put down. Porter had an accident on July 4 that landed him in the ER with Joe and myself from 10:30 pm until 6 am on July 5. We went home quite sleepy, he with 22 stitched over his eye. Millie has two loose teeth and one permanent one on the way in. Jonathan has added to his guitar collection and gotten quite good at playing. Swim team season has come and almost gone. Jonathan competes in the City Meet next week. Somewhere along the way though, we lost our camera. Joe keeps saying it will turn up. I keep thinking of all the pictures we're missing. All of the memories we're not freezing. The frames that will go empty.

So life without a camera means many more posts to this blog. If I cannot capture the memories with pictures, I must rely on words. Eloquent and illustrious accounts of life are to come...

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