Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Before I get too far into this...

Let me introduce you to my family.
My hubby is Joe. As I've stated, we've been married a long time! It will be 16 years next month. I guess somewhere along the way, we got old. Other than a few aches and pains, we really don't feel old and can still be caught in bed at night laughing hysterically and goofing off. Our marriage is a spirited one. We scream as much as we laugh; no apologies. We are just real. And, it seems to be working. We met my first day at college, he a year older than I. It wasn't until October 24, 1986 that we had our first date...Cheap Trick concert.
I mentioned we have 4 kids. In order, there is Jonathan, Hope, Porter, and Millie.
Jonathan is 12. He is intelligent, outgoing, and everybody's friend. I am in awe of his qualities. There is quite a bit I can learn from him. The key is balancing that with all I have to teach him!
Hope would be 10. She was stillborn on October 24, 1997. Even after 10 years, I miss her presence daily. I'd give anything to see the preteen she'd have turned into. Having Hope enter my life taught me a great deal. I don't take a single moment for granted with my kids. And, I take each day as it comes. Nothing is guaranteed in this life.
Porter is 7. He is a very old 7. He has a gift of humor and is not afraid to try anything. He keeps us on our toes and I'm sure that's not stopping anytime soon. We pray he heeds our warnings and we struggle to keep him straight But there's a lot to be said for his "balls to the walls" attitude. Neither Joe nor I were ever like that growing up. I'm a bit jealous of his ability to take the path less traveled, the not so safe road. But as his mother, I'm also terrified.
Finally, there's Millie. She is 3. We adopted Millie from China in 2005. She has so perfectly completed our family; she's the perfect match, filling the hole in my heart and accepting the love we had to give so completely. She is not only a beautiful little girl but she is wise beyond her years, funny, and kind.
So this is my family. My reasons for celebrating with drinks made with swizzle sticks.

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