Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Political Musings

Yesterday I read an article about racial slurs and threats made to some Obama campaign volunteers. I suppose I'm naive. I had no idea folks still felt this way. Obviously I know there are white people who think they are "over" black people. But I had no idea people voiced their opinions so loudly, publicly, or proudly. Do they not realize that such behavior makes them look stupid? Moronic? Out of touch? Lower than low? I mean come on! Haven't we overcome this elitism? Can't we all agree that we are all people? God's people? He doesn't separate us? Why should we?

There were many unsettling comments in this article that left me horrified. One of the least offensive comments from this article was made by a West Virginian man. He said, "whites take care of whites and blacks take care of blacks." I'm confused by this. I thought that in this melting pot called America we took care of everyone. Here we have a man (Obama) highly intelligent, highly motivated. Wanting to improve our country. For all of us. Not just those who share his skin color.

Hillary has repeated that no democrat has made it to the White House without winning in West Virginia since 1916. Why, I ask you, do we put such stock in a state that is obviously so far behind the times? I hope it's not that they truly do represent the masses. If so, I'm happy to be a minority. Someone who can see people for more than their skin color. Can we please kick West Virginia out of the Union?

On another political note, I have to ask...why has Hillary's gender not yet come up as a negative? Yes. I am a woman. I do believe women can do the jobs of men. BUT, I believe that with the less than positive reputation Bush is leaving for our country, we have to ask "Is this the time for a female leader?" We have so much to work out with Iran, Iraq, China, Korea...the list goes on and on. Most of these countries hold women in such disregard. I worry that will only prove problematic if we elect a woman to lead our country AT THIS TIME. I'm afraid it will be catastrophic for her to try to make headway with men who don't respect her simply because she is a woman. I'm not saying Hillary isn't a strong woman with the intentions to do great things for her country. Obviously she is. Her many years of service to this country prove that. And you don't have to agree with her platform to give her that much. She's done more than most of us for this country. I'm just asking if this is the best time for a woman president.

Politics is never an easy subject. This post is simply my opinion.

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