Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How'd It Happen?

Last night, I did something out of character. Something I said I wouldn't do. I've said it before, I always buy on sale. Not everything. But I never buy clothing (especially for myself) that isn't on sale. I like to rack up the savings. It feels like an accomplishment to me. Almost a game. To see how much I can save on an item. But last night, I threw all that to wayside. I attended a clothing show at a friend's house. When she gave me the invitation, she said, "Please come. You don't need to buy anything. Just come have a glass of wine." She was talking my language. I needed a glass of wine after Joe's trip. Heck, I needed two glasses! So I went. And I had my two glasses. Sat through the unveiling of the Spring/Summer collection of CAbi clothing. Then, I found myself trying on a few items. Next thing, I know, I'm writing a check for two of those items. $137 later, I'm scratching my head. Wondering 1. how it got to be 10:00. I'd said I'd be home by 8:00. 2. How I was going to explain this. And, 3. Did someone fill my glass a third time without me knowing?
Well, the reason it was 10:00 is because there was a presentation (unveiling) of the line. I wasn't expecting this. I thought the whole night was a drop-in thing. I decided to go early, at 7, so I could leave after my 1, maybe 2, glasses of wine and make it back for American Idol. Didn't happen. As for explaining my purchase...I'm working on that. Truth is, the items I bought are really cute. I can get tons of wear out of them. I can wear them together and they will mix and match with lots of stuff I already own. They just happen to be more than I spend when I shop. But is that entirely wrong? Don't I deserve it? Maybe the answer is yes but the responsible side of me is throwing a fit. She's saying, "Hey, you're trying to CUT expenditures. You're paying mortgages on TWO houses. This was NOT smart." And I know she's right. And, it's just what Joe will say when he sees the check book. Oh, how I'm not looking forward to that. I left saying, "I'll be home at 8. I'm just going to have a glass of wine. I'm not buying anything." I was two hours late. I had two (maybe 3?) glasses of wine. And I did make a purchase. Today, I'm eating my words. Hopefully, in two weeks (when the clothes arrive) I'll be looking really cute in my new outfit.

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